About Us

 You can’t spell “wedding” without “we”  (I just made that up right as I was typing)


 Okay, seriously… I get almost as excited as the bride when engagements happen. I’m what you call a “vision caster”, so planning events is something I tend to get goose bumps over. All those decisions to make!! Some people dread it, but I’m one of those that get a notebook and starts making lists, sketching out pictures, searching for ideas, and then locating people to whom I can DELEGATE!

Whether planning is your thing or not, let me help you out by taking one of the biggest worries off of your plate. I’ve been shooting weddings for  years and there’s nothing in the world that I’m more confident about than my ability to cover your wedding with excellence.

 My Approach

 I follow what I call “guided photojournalism”. When I am not shooting fully candid, I’ll put you in the right situation so that the look you desire can be best achieved. I realize that not all of my clients are comfortable in front of a camera (heck, I’M not comfortable in front of a camera) and sometimes I have to help you out a bit. But even in doing so, the resulting images are full of genuine emotion because I care about making sure your feelings for each other are clearly evident!

Since we creative types can sometimes walk around with our heads in the clouds, Creation’s approach to your day is a team effort. Me,You, and You & Me.

We know that, even though you want your images to be amazing, you also want to avoid chaos while I pull it off!

I work as your primary shooter (I follow the bride, and the bridal party) and I serves as the alarm clock, fact checker, people gatherer, parliamentarian, dress-fixer, light holder and all around Super Amazing Helper. Trust me, this way We can fix almost anything that goes wrong.

Want to know how to spell boutonnières? Then run to me and I’ll help you! Armed with my emergency kit full of supplies, the person who can fix almost anything that goes wrong.

 The Proof is in the Pudding (what does that even MEAN?)

 We want you to feel confident that in hiring me, you’ll be getting someone who is proud of his collective work, and not just content with a handful of good shots. This is why I have several COMPLETE galleries of my past weddings linked in galleries. I’d be wary of someone that didn’t have a decent dose of these available for you to view online. If you would like to see more than I have linked here, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Creations Photography